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(The English cottage in The Holiday)

If you’re anything like me, a part of the reason you love films in the romantic comedy genre is because of the settings, the cities, the food, and the homes. Writers and directors like Nancy Meyers (It’s Complicated, Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday) really lay out a feast of all that good stuff. So I’ve discovered a blog that makes me squeal like a Bieber fan: Hooked on Houses. While blogger Julia writes about beautiful homes in general, you can also read about — and see multiple screen captures of  — the homes from some of your favourite romantic comedies.

Julia tells me her favourite rom-com house comes from The  Proposal.  “I love Ryan Reynold’s family home in Alaska,” she says. “I think it’s amazing how they took a real house and redecorated the interiors by adding fake walls to the rooms.”

You’ll be surprised (and perhaps heartbroken?) to find out that some of your favourite rom-com dwellings actually don’t exist. They are either a set fabricated for the movie or a combination of rooms from various homes. The interior of the beach house in Something’s Gotta Give was just a set, for example.  Though the outside shots are a real beach house, the interior was a studio setup.  There’s lots of household secrets like this revealed on Julia’s blog. The celebrity homes section is another fun feature, as are the stories on the homes of an assortment of TV characters. If you cry yourself to sleep at night wishing you could take one last peek inside Lorelai Gilmore’s Stars Hollow home, get thee to Hooked on Houses.

Here are links to 10 rom-com houses featured on Julia’s site. Click the movie titles in the list below to see lots of images from your favourite fakey homes. Enjoy!

Beth and Neil’s loft in

He’s Just Not That Into You

Amanda’s California-style home in

The Holiday

Iris’s English cottage in

The Holiday

Newton Davis’s yellow dream home in


Jane Adler’s house and bakery in

It’s Complicated

William Thacker’s apartment and travel book shop in

Notting Hill

The Paxton family’s Alaskan home in

The Proposal

Annie’s house and Sam Baldwin’s houseboat in

Sleepless in Seattle

Erica Barry’s glorious beach house in

Something’s Gotta Give

Kathleen Kelly”s brownstone in

You’ve Got Mail

(All images:

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